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I am the driver of The Black Bird Vega on Discovery Channels Street Outlaws. My co-pilot, Bob, and I have been working our way to the top of the list on Street Outlaws over the last few years and plan to take the number one spot very soon.


I've been a racer my entire life on multiple levels of competition racing anything and everything from motocross, both track and cross-country, side-by-sides, to street cars.


I have had a '77 Vega since I was 16, and have raced it in a variety of venues from the track to the streets. In 2014, I successfully completed Hot Rod Magazine's Drag Week and I have participated in various other competitions.


Recently I have been making appearances at venues such as Outlaw Armagedon, national PRI show and tracks around the country. I really enjoying having the opportunity to meet all the great fans that support me. 


Currently I'm making some modifications to the Blackbird Vega in order to continue my path to the top of the list on Street Outlaws, Be sure and tune in to see The Blackbird reach the top.

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